Dr.-Ing. Thies Beinke

Thies Beinke

Department Head in department Planning and Control of Production and Logistics Systems (PSPS), Faculty Production Engineering at the University of Bremen.

Curriculum Vitae

Thies Beinke studied industrial engineering (Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.) at the universities of Rostock and Bremen, where he focused on logistics and production, product development and production development. He also studied Business Process and Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.) at Växjö University (Sweden) and completed his studies in 2010. In 2010, he began to work as a research assistant at the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA). During this time, he worked and led numerous R&D projects (application-oriented research and industrial contract research) in the fields of logistics, production and automation technology in the sector of aerospace, steel industry, plant construction in general and with a specific focus on the wind energy sector. In December 2018, Mr. Beinke defended his dissertation entitled: Cooperative Construction of Offshore Wind Energy - Conceptual Development of a Supply Chain and Cross-Project Collaborative Logistics Design. Since 2018 Mr. Beinke has been head of the robotics and automation department. In addition to his work at BIBA, Beinke is a lecturer in the area of engineering design in adult education.

Research Areas and Interests

  • Technical Logistics Systems and Industrial Artificial Intelligence
  • Industry 4.0, cyber-physical production and logistics systems
  • Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Resource Sharing
  • IuK integration and process optimization in a cross-company context
  • Text Mining and Data Analysis


Thies Beinke is engaged in the development of technical material flow systems and CPS as well as systems to support operational processes, e.g. by means of Augmented Reality. In addition, he is involved in the modelling, simulation and optimisation of complex logistics systems and the development of approaches for data analysis.


AR Maintenance SysteEntwicklung eines Assistenzsystems zur Unterstützung von Servicetechnikern bei der Instandhaltung von Windenergieanlagen
AxIoMGamifiziertes KI-Assistenzsystem zur Unterstützung des manuellen Montageprozesses
IeKInformationssystem zur echtzeitnahen Koordination des Offshore-Transports unter Berücksichtigung von Ressourcenspezifika und dynamischen Wetter- und Seegangbedingungen
IRiSInteraktives Robotiksystem zur Entleerung von Seecontainern
KlimARAugmented Reality-basiertes Assistenzsystem zur Instandhaltung von komplexer Heizungs-, Klima- und Kältetechnik
Mon2SeaEchtzeitmonitoring des Transports und Umschlags von Komponenten zur Offshore-Montage von Windkraftanlagen
OT-BForschungs- und Entwicklungsbasierte Logistik- und Ressourcenplanung des Offshore-Terminals Bremerhaven
QUESTGamification for Qualification of Offshore Wind Energy Service Technicians
safeguARdNutzfahrzeug-Assistenzsystem zur Steigerung des Sicherheitsniveaus auf Basis von Augmented Reality
SAViNGStAhl- und Eisenschrott VerfolguNG


Dr.-Ing. Thies Beinke
Hochschulring 20
D-28359 Bremen
Phone: +49(0)421/218-50086