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[Bra24] Braghirolli, L. V.; Mendes, L. G.; Engbers, H.; Leohold, S.; Triska, Y.; Flores, M. R.; de Souza, R. O.; Freitag, M.; Frazzon, E. M.: Improving production and maintenance planning with meta-learning-based failure prediction. In: Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 75(2024)1, pp. 42-55
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Konferenzbeiträge (referiert) [4]

[Sil22] Silva, M. J. d.; Braghirolli, L. F.; Broda, E.; Engbers, H.; Frazzon, E. M.; Pereira, C. E.: An ontological approach for modelling evolutionary knowledge of prognostic method selection. In: Cohen, Y. (eds.): IFAC-PapersOnLine. 14th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems IMS 2022, Elseiver, Amsterdam, 2022, pp. 181-186
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[Eng21] Engbers, Hendrik; Braghirolli, Lynceo F; Leohold, Simon; Triska, Yuri; Frazzon, Enzo M; Freitag, Michael: Conceptional Model for Integrated Production and Maintenance Planning with Automated Prognostic Method Selection. In: IFAC PapersOnLine 54(2021)1. Proc. of IFAC INCOM 2021, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2021, pp. 635-640
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[Leo21] Leohold, S.; Engbers, H.; Freitag, M.: Prognostic Methods for Predictive Maintenance: A generalized Topology. In: Monostori, L.; Kádár, B.; Szaller, A. (eds.): IFAC-PapersOnLine 54(2021)1. Proc. of IFAC INCOM 2021, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2021, pp. 629-634
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[Eng20a] Engbers, H.; Ait Alla, A.; Kreutz, M.; Freitag, M.: Applicability of Algorithm Evaluation Metrics for Predictive Maintenance in Production Systems. In: 2020 6th IEEE Congress on Information Science and Technology (CiSt). IEEE, 2020, S. 413-418
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